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About Ocean Days

Our project partner AquaBioTech Group based in Malta was part of the European Ocean Days held in Brussels from 4-8 March 2024, during a week of events related to European maritime topics.

Our FishEUTrust poster was displayed and presented during the day: Where next for Europe’s Seas? which provided and harvested insights on what might be the collective pathways for Europe’s Marine Future. In essence, the question addressed was:

What, in this wider, evolving future landscape, might be the pathways for Europe’s Seas, with a perspective to 2050?

ABT at Ocean Days

Our FishEUTrust poster was presented as a collaborative project of 22 partners across a variety of disciplines, from 14 different countries. This project aims to establish five Co-creation Living Labs in the Mediterranean Basin, the North Sea and the Atlantic Sea. These will enable innovation and process validation and demonstrate the project's supply chain solutions. Examples of supply-chain innovation include creating sustainable business models, protecting cultural and culinary heritage, short food supply chains, exploiting underused fish species, and innovative engagement activities to stimulate positive consumer behaviour. The project will also develop tools to maximize trust by guaranteeing the quality, safety, and traceability of seafood products based on smart control systems (sensors), metagenomics, genetic biomarkers, isotopic techniques, and labelling/product passport/blockchain). These tools will be integrated into a single digital FishEUTrust data platform.

We were pleased to see our FishEUTrust poster displayed next to our sister project “SEA2SEE”, which aims to significantly increase consumer trust and acceptance of sustainably fished or farmed seafood in Europe through the development and demonstration of an innovative end-to-end blockchain traceability model throughout the seafood value chain and the implementation of societal and sectoral strategies for co-creation, communication and awareness raising about the benefits of sustainably fished or farmed nutritious seafood.

A key feature of the day was the interactive discussions. Following the opening high-level, inspirational scene-setting plenary, there were thematic breakout sessions based around the following themes: Global drivers; Economy; Society; and Innovation, with guiding questions to structure the discussions. Each theme looked at opportunities, enablers, and barriers, as well as the interlinkages between the themes, with a shorter-term perspective to 2030 and more longer-term to 2050.

All the participants were divided into different rooms with their moderators, sharing their voices, experiences, best practices, and recommendations, which were collected and shared during the final session “Initial insights and takeaways”.

The conference outcomes will be highlighted in a final conference report, which will serve to identify main issues, as a starting point for further, more in-depth discussions and development at European level in a multifaceted and multidisciplinary approach.

Article produced by AquaBioTech Group
Mark Langley

Outreach Officer

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