FishEUTrust Partners at UN Ocean Decade

FishEUTrust at side-event of the UN Ocean Decade Conference 2024 "Sea-to-Plate: Seafood literacy and consumer engagement"

The FishEUTrust project participated in a captivating panel discussion at the UN Ocean Decade Conference 2024 side event "Sea-to-Plate: Seafood literacy and consumer engagement," held on April 9, 2024, at 12:00 CET at the World Trade Center in Barcelona, Spain.

The UN's Ocean Decade (2021-2030) aims to revolutionize ocean science and improve humanity's relationship with the ocean. It brings together a wide range of stakeholders to generate knowledge and partnerships for healthy and sustainable oceans. The Ocean Decade Alliance is a group of key partners who mobilize resources and build networks to support this effort. They get involved in shaping the Decade's implementation, gain recognition for their contributions, and have opportunities for new collaborations and access to ocean science leaders. More info can be found here:

The side event was organised by Sea2See, the sister project of FishEUTrust, because FishEUTrust, Sea2Sea and Gastrobio, contribute to challenges 3, 9, and 10 challenges of the UN Ocean Decade. These Challenges are:

Challenge 3: Sustainably feed the global population: Generate knowledge, support innovation, and develop solutions to optimise the role of the ocean in sustainably feeding the world’s population under changing environmental, social and climate conditions. During the latest conference of the UN Ocean Decade, this challenge has been changed into "nourish the global population", hence implying that food is good for the recipients and helps them to thrive, suggesting it promotes health and growth.

Challenge 9: Skills, knowledge and technology for all: Ensure comprehensive capacity development and equitable access to data, information, knowledge and technology across all aspects of ocean science and for all stakeholders.

Challenge 10: Change humanity’s relationship with the ocean: Ensure that the multiple values and services of the ocean for human wellbeing, culture, and sustainable development are widely understood, and identify and overcome barriers to behaviour change required for a step change in humanity’s relationship with the ocean.

We, as FishEUTrust, address these challenges through the development of solutions for safe and sustainable food for the benefit of both consumers and the environment and through seafood literacy in our Living Labs, the transparency of the seafood supply chain, and gamification.

This side event brought together a panel of experts to discuss the importance of consumer engagement and seafood literacy in promoting responsible seafood consumption.

This side event brought together a panel of experts to discuss the importance of consumer engagement and seafood literacy in promoting responsible seafood consumption. The session was moderated by Tecla Maggioni of Submon, with presentations from Juanita Zorrilla Pujana (Submon, representing Sea2See), Mauro Amoruso (REDINN, representing FishEUTrust), and Arnau Subias Baratau (GastroBio). Carlotta Cataldi, a graphic note taker, created a final artistic poster summarizing the brainstorming from the session.

The discussion focused on the experiences of FishEUTrust, Sea2See, and GastroBio in setting out strategies to engage consumers and contribute to seafood literacy. Key topics explored included:

- The critical role of promoting responsible seafood consumption in today's world.
- Effective methods for interacting with consumers and the general public, identifying trends that can impact responsible consumption and consumer empowerment.
- The importance of transparency and traceability throughout the seafood value chain.
- Strategies for promoting seafood literacy initiatives.
- Forecasted trends in responsible seafood consumption for the coming years.

The panel discussion format fostered a captivating dialogue between the experts and a diverse audience composed of curious individuals and professionals from ocean protection, fish farming, and related fields.

This side event served as a valuable platform for sharing knowledge and experiences, highlighting the collaborative efforts of FishEUTrust and its partners in driving consumer engagement and building a future of responsible seafood consumption.

Article produced by REDINN and ABT
Mark Langley

Outreach Officer

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