FishEUTrust Living Labs

FishEUTrust will establish five Co-creation Living Labs (CLLs) in the Mediterranean Basin, the North Sea and the Atlantic Sea.

You can use our interactive map below to find more information about the CLLs.

The CLLs will enable innovation and process validation and demonstrate the project's supply chain solutions, targeted primarily at mussels and sea bream.

1: Co-constructing the stakeholder map with the other CLLs.
2: Validate sensors and tools in operation for seafood safety.
3: Create data to support blockchain and digital tools.
4: Engaging citizens and industrial stakeholders.
5: Relate health benefits to high standards of quality, safety, & traceability
6: Maximize consumer experience.
7: Foster increased uptake of quality, local seafood by EU citizens.
8: Encouraging use of indiginous culinary traditions and seafood species.

Living Labs Interactive Map

Hover over the pink squares to find more information about each Living Lab. Click to go to the website of each host Living Lab.