FishEUTrust and Sea2See join forces on stakeholder mapping!

Meeting Summary

FishEUTrust and Sea2See are EU-funded projects both exploring ways (via different routes) to increase awareness and uptake of EU seafood. In order to maximise the impact and efficiencies of both projects, a joint workshop was organized to discuss the synergies that could be established to create an integrated map of stakeholders, target groups and sectors.

Both projects presented their stakeholders mapping strategies and methodologies with a special focus on the lessons learnt and the rising challenges that need to be considered.

The online workshop was a great opportunity to explore common areas of collaboration to avoid duplicating efforts and to maximize the impact for the stakeholder engagement as a next step, including all actors.

One of the important points raised in this joint meeting is to focus on a common language across disciplinary boundaries to facilitate the flow of information and achieve a successful transdisciplinary cooperation.

More news will follow as FishEUTrust is organizing a "Stakeholder and Living Lab Workshop" in Malta in February, which will be a good opportunity to continue to work toward a joint action plan to build consumer trust and traceability in seafood production.

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