FishEUTrust at ISO-FOOD, Slovenia


The 2nd ISO-FOOD Symposium in Slovenia brought together a diverse group of experts in the food technology industry. This symposium provided an excellent platform for interdisciplinary discussions, as researchers, scientists, policy makers, and stakeholders gathered to share new findings and innovative solutions. The event was the perfect platform for FishEUTrust to showcase our cutting-edge technology and solutions to a global audience. Our presentation was well-received by industry experts.

FishEUTrust aims to ensure the traceability and sustainability of seafood products from the moment they are caught to the point of sale, using advanced technologies like blockchain and artificial intelligence, to provide consumers with accurate information about the origin and quality of the fish they are buying.

Our participation in the ISO-FOOD event is a clear indication of our commitment to driving innovation in the food technology industry. FishEUTrust's innovative approach to seafood supply chain management has the potential to transform the industry, improving sustainability and driving economic growth, whilst revolutionising the way fish is sourced, processed, and sold.

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